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Apartment & Condo Movers

Moving your apartment more often than not holds a great sentimental value.


Movers that must choose to help you in shifting away from a location that was once your “home” would truly require an exceptional match. Someone who understands all your physical, commercial, and emotional requirements at once. 

As one of the most renowned apartment movers Birmingham, we realise the same and try to treat your whole packing and moving journey as our own in the best way possible. 

In house moving, Birmingham can be a tedious task provided you don’t have the right means to do so. Therefore, since we at Metromovers LLC have been in the packing and moving industry for over 30 years, we work with hands-on expertise and personal touch first before anything else. 

When talking about 

How We Help You Achieve A Hassle And Stress Free Apartment Move,

  • We, as one of the best condo movers, Birmingham, arrive at your doorstep on time to execute the entire process punctually.

  • Our experienced team carries out the entire process with expert packing methods and materials.

  • Our services include packing your possessions with utmost care by quilting, padding and wrapping all your furniture so that we make your move as stress free as possible.

  • As a team with first hand experiences of shifting and moving across towns, we empathetically meet with your requirements.

  • Our charges are just as friendly as our staff. Moreover we do not charge you anything over and above our base prices to maintain transparency.

How Do We Deal With Customization

As people who have themselves shifted apartments to start new phases of lives, we know the struggle and the amount of stress that one must go through to conclude peacefully, hence, you can trust us with your entire in-house moving. 

With the help of our expertise staff that we have acquired over the course of decades, it becomes almost natural for us to cater to your specific and customized requirements concerning your possessions. 

Property protection is the fundamental priority of our moving process and to execute it trouble-free, we follow multi-layer packagings that might also include adding shrink wrapping for specified items, including large articles like furniture, etc. in addition to that we also do not hesitate from using blanket wrapping serving as extra cushions for some of your precious good that need precautionary care.

All in all, to deduce, we would be glad to take the physical stress of moving off from your shoulders if not the emotional one. 

 Since 1985

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