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Antique Moving

Antiques are among some of the most valued items present in our possession. Be it your ancestral passed down articles or that sacred collection that you have been practicing over the course of years.

The challenge we overcome together

Moving antique articles is one of the most challenging cases according to this industry’s standards and as handlers of extensive antique articles, we have made ourselves adept with this niche’s requirements and have trained our staff in a highly professional manner that you might not find anywhere else!

As one of the top known antique moving companies in Birmingham we have had an experience of over 30 years in this industry. We have helped hundreds of our clients in moving their antique goods with utmost care and dedication. Since these items carry immense financial and sentimental values, therefore leaving them be is never an option. 

If you are a collector, dealer, estate distributor, or an auction house, you are bound to face issues when shifting your valuable articles. But with our extremely customized and tailor-made services, we can serve you with the best possible delivery results, like we do for our clients, every time. 

Birmingham furniture movers

How we help you 

Right from arriving at your step on time to strategizing the entire move in multiple planning sessions, we ensure that every experience that you have with us is as hassle-free as possible. 

Most of the damage to your antique possessions occur due to poor management of the packing stage. 

Furniture Movers

We as antique Birmingham furniture movers understand and realize how important it is to pack your item with multiple layers to have no window for any compromises left at all, especially for the more fragile or delicate items. When it comes to larger items like furniture or shipments that have several pieces, we cover their packaging in custom-made boxes. 

By strategizing the right kind of packaging and placement we reduce the chances of damage or mishandling of your good to almost a hundred percent.

Another best part about working with us is that you get highly professional services at a highly affordable price point. We ship each and every one of your pieces with their own unique set of consideration for packing, moving, and delivering.

So if you are looking for a reliable packing and moving service provider for your antique articles, we at Metro Movers LLC are your ultimate destination. 

You can easily get your move price estimation done within seconds! Give us a call right away and get your call scheduled for FREE!

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 Since 1985

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